A growing community of weavers amidst the green mountains of Rwanda

Annonciate Uwamahoro lives in the Northern province of Rwanda, amidst green mountains where tea plantations lavish the horizon as far as the eye can see. To get to her little village, it is a five-hour journey by bus then motorbike through the rough dirt roads up the mountain.

In this small removed village amidst tea farmers and tea pluckers, one woman has managed to bring a new stream of prosperity to her community. Annonciate Uwamahoro is a basket weaver, learning to weave from the age of 10 she decided to do something different than the rest of her family who are all tea farmers.

This is her way of taking control of her life and deciding how she wants to live in a place where not a lot of options are available for women who want to do something different. For sometime she was the only basket weaver in the village until she began training other women to weave and show them that this was a viable way to support themselves and their families. Now Annonciate and 15 other women are able to support themselves and their families through weaving baskets and other artisanal products. This is how a small cooperative was born in a region that is not particularly known for weaving.

Annonciate is passionate about teaching women how to weave, sharing her skills openly and with excitement. AHE is working to support projects like Annonciate’s, giving her a platform and network for her to spread her work of teaching other women and making her products known and available. In the coming months AHE is sponsoring and arranging for Annonciate to teach a wider community of women to weave. Annonciate’s passion for sharing her skills to facilitate prosperity and independence for women is commendable. These are the people that inspire AHE and the work that we do, we seek to enable and further empower individuals like Annonciate to make a greater impact. With your help we are able to train other women with these life-changing skills and further share this beautiful Rwandan artisanal art with the world.