Our Endeavour
Restoring Resiliency for Global Community Wellness

AHE’s primary model is called Restoring Resiliency. The program has been designed by a cross-cultural team to ensure cultural contextualization, and to offer real solutions for native issues. The goal of RR is to help people rediscover the inherent resiliency of the human nervous system through culturally-aware community interaction, increased ability to practice and enhance the effects of self-regulation skills, and increase the awareness of how the body heals from traumatic or stressful experiences. The program is most successful when delivered as a training for people to become trainers in their own communities. With all of our efforts, we hope to create sustainable change that is empowering for participants to be in charge of their own futures and to be able to spread new skills in their families and community groups.


WHO WE SERVERR has three primary audiences

Resilient Survivor

For the people living in post-conflict communities such as Rwanda, and including people of any nationality who have experienced extreme trauma. Particular emphasis is placed on building self-regulating skills for balancing the nervous system under chronic stress conditions, while offering new tools to prevent future trauma. Graduates are invited to join the AHE Entrepreneurship Training Program, to offer opportunities for small business development. The next RR for survivors will take place in late October of 2017.

Resilient Traveler & Service Provider

For the International NGO worker, foreign aid officer, and corporate employee, in process of relocating or preparing for overseas assignment; the pleasure traveler preparing to visit a culture that has a high rate of trauma and has experienced severe conflict or natural disaster. In addition to the secondary trauma prevention module, this service includes a cultural preparedness training and reintegration support.

Resilient Refugee

For the refugee resettlement agency based in the U.S. and for individuals and families who have recently immigrated to the U.S. Particular emphasis is placed on moving through chronic stress related to civil unrest, domestic violence, substance abuse and addiction, poverty and generational trauma. AHE invites U.S.-based refugee groups and government agencies to hire our team at any time for on-site workshops.

Find out more

For more information on the Restoring Resiliency Training to be offered in Asheville, or to find out how you can join the next Skills Exchange Trip to Rwanda, contact AHE trip leader Sara Stender: sara@africahealingexchange.org.

Community partners in Rwanda include:

National University of Rwanda
Rwanda Resilience and Grounding Organization (RRGO)
Friends Peace House
Rwandan Cultural Health Centre (RCHC)

Partners in the U.S.

AHE partners with the following organizations in the U.S. to help grow the good works of community-centered, grassroots initiatives for global healing and greater compassion for humanity.
LEAF International
Mama Hope
School of Healing and Enlightenment