TM in Rwanda

AHE delivered the first Transcendental Meditation (TM) workshop in Rwanda in January, 2016. Our community partner in the Western Province – the women of UMUTUZO – have been meditating since then and have reported:

We have found in the most helpful activity is the act of meditating together (“Umutuzo” behavior system). This has been the firm foundation of becoming successful in more harmonious households and our UMUTUZO association businesses. Meditating is helping us to be calm and to think about what we can do to better manage every situation of our lives. It helps to solve our stress problems and with other problems of family and business,.”

Leaders of the women’s association gave us testimonies about the changes they notice in their personal and community life in the past two years, noting overall every participant is much happier and is managing to work through past trauma much better when they are applying meditation in their daily lives. It turns out even their husbands, their children, their neighbors, and fellow UMUTUZO members are the witnesses of these changes!

In partnership with African Women and GIrls Organization For Total Knowledge Uganda, AHE founder Sara Stender with AWAGO’s Leslee Goldstein and Judith Nassali, will be presenting at this year’s African Conference of Psychology. The topic of our presentation and workshop is “The Transcendental Meditation Program: A Promising Evidence-Based Intervention for Reducing Stress, Improving Physical and Mental Resilience, and Increasing Self-Efficacy.”